Quality Improvement (QI) and Me

Stretch Assignment: 5 toe touches and a QI Initiative We CME professionals often go about our day, working feverishly to ensure compliance for upcoming events and to finish the file for completed events. We all know that there is change brewing in healthcare, but if we have a chance to think about the big picture, […]

CME Consultant Musings: If I Ruled the World

Caution: CME Consultant at Work If I ruled the world, educational activity objectives would be measurable every time. The word “understand” would be outlawed. If I ruled the world, disclosure forms would be turned in 2 weeks BEFORE the deadline, completely filled out, signed and dated. If I ruled the world, all of my activity […]

Client Testimonials

Erin is extraordinary. She is THE expert in CME and ACCME rules. She guides our staff and several organizations that we manage. She knows what she’s doing. She does what she says. She figures it out. She meets deadlines. She is a good teacher and a great planner.
- Barbara S. Berci, Founder, BSC Management